Create images with Xfce4 desktop environment in CusDeb

Sometimes our users ask if they can create an image with a desktop environment via CusDeb. The answer is yes, desktop is just a package or a set of packages, which can be chosen on the Packages List step.

Xfce4 in Packages List
Desktop environment in CusDeb on the Packages List step

But this is not quite obvious for some people which packages to choose in order to install working desktop environment. That’s why we’ve tweaked the UI of the building process and added a new step called Desktop Environment.

Desktop Environment
Desktop Environment in CusDeb

We believe this simple change will make the process of building customized images more clear and obvious for people who want to see graphic interface on their single board computers.

For now its available for Ubuntu Bionic only, but don’t worry. You always can install a desired desktop environment via Packages List step by choosing the appropriate package. Don’t know which packages to choose? Don’t hesitate and email us!

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