Nextcloud 13 for Raspberry Pi

We’ve prepared ready to use Nextcloud 13 image for Raspberry Pi and included the following features:

  • Gallery app for providing a gallery view for private pictures and for those which are available by public links.
  • An outdated app files_videoviewer substituted for the modern one.
  • Calendar and Contacts apps for syncing calendars and contacts with the server respectively.
  • Phone Sync app for syncing text messages with the server.
  • Talk app for having private video calls and chatting using the server.

We drop automatic updates for our Nextcloud images, but we’ll send this image to all our customers who bought previous images.

Click here to buy ready to use Nextcloud 13 image for Raspberry Pi + technical support

People who don’t want to buy, can build exactly the same image by themselves using free and open source software we’ve prepared:

  • Pieman for building a minimal OS image.
  • MMB for building Nextcloud 13.

We don’t offer technical support in that case, but community can help you.

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