CusDeb Beta 2

We’d like to announce CusDeb Beta 2. The main feature of the new version is using Pieman as a backend for the image building subsystem (rpi23-gen-image used to use for the purpose). Pieman became the first key component of CusDeb the source code of which was published on GitHub. It’s also worth noting that CusDeb Beta 2 offers to customize Raspbian Stretch, Ubuntu Xenial and Ubuntu Artful for 4 Raspberry Pi models — from 1 to 3 and also Raspberry Zero. Furthermore, Ubuntu Artful is offered only in 64-bit flavour for Raspberry Pi 3. Our users had been requesting 64-bit images for a quite long period of time.

We had to abandon the Debian Jessie and Debian Stretch support which were inherited from rpi23-gen-image. However, we are going to return the Debian Stretch support in the nearest future.

It should also be mentioned that the user receives the email with the build log attached to it in the case of a build fail. In spite of the fact that we’ve made the build process as stable and predictable as possible, unfortunately there are the cases when builds fail because of both bugs in Pieman and bugs in the distributions which are offered to be customized. The build log which is sent in the cases like that is one more tool which help our users make the service better. We encourage the users to analyze the reasons of build fails and create issues in the Pieman project.

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