Nextcloud 13 for Raspberry Pi

Store your documents, calendar, contacts and photos on your Raspberry Pi server at home.

If you're not willing to dive too deep in the details of how to install and configure Nextcloud 13, we've prepared ready to use Nextcloud 13 image for Raspberry Pi.
We can guide you if you would like to set up HTTPS and make your Nextcloud available over the Internet.


  • Easy to set up: You only need to create an admin account.
  • Optimized for Raspberry Pi: Confiured to use an external USB drive for Nextcloud data.
  • Installed apps: Video Player, Gallery, PDF Viewer, Contacts, Calendar, Talk.
  • Support: We respond to our customers within 18 hours.
  • Updates: Your Nextcloud is up to date.
  • Intended for Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3.

For more information about runnig Nextcloud 13 on Raspberry Pi, see our wiki.

Nextcloud 13 for Raspberry Pi and support

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Don't want to buy?

You always can build the image with Nextcloud 13 for Raspberry Pi using free and open source software. Just use Pieman for building a minimal OS and then MMB for Nextcloud 13. We don't offer support and updates in that case, but community can help you.

Need an assist?

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