Web UI for creating OS images

Create customized Raspbian or Ubuntu images for Raspberry Pi online. Official images contain too many programs you probably don't need. Install the things you want/need only and leave everything else out with CusDeb:

  1. Specify your Raspberry Pi model and desired opearting system
  2. Add packages you want
  3. Set up username and password
  4. Download .img file and run on your device
Users and Groups
Screenshots illustrate steps to build an OS image with CusDebbeta.

Applications for Raspberry Pi

You can find popular applications for Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi and other similar boards in Apps. These apps are easy to install onto your board. Simply download the .img file, flash it to your SD card, and boot your device.

Go to Apps


CusDeb Beta 2 released. Click here to read what's in the release.